How do I write a novel?

How do I write a novel? Topic: Outline to writing a paper
May 23, 2019 / By Raelyn
Question: I have a synopsis, character outlines and all that jazz.. But the one thing I can't do is actually write the freaking thing.. I just can't wrap my head around how to start or what to put in the thousands of paragraphs of things needed to write a novel. Descriptions, dialogue, and other things of that nature seem to just elude me. Can anyone offer any advice?
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Mellony Mellony | 2 days ago
Don't worry about where to start, otherwise you'll keep putting off ever starting in the first place. Just put your pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and start writing. Maybe start out with a specific scene between some characters. Pretend like you've already written everything that comes before that. Start in the middle, then go from there. If you happen to reach the end from starting in the middle, go back and write what you didn't write before. The trick is to not worry about what you're writing. Don't stress over if it's "perfect." Just write. Then continue writing. Then write some more. And some more. It'll get easier. That is, if you have the drive and dedication to actually write and finish what you start.
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Leesa Leesa
If you can't start on your novel, it must be because you don't know where to start. You said you "have a sypnosis, character outlines and all that jazz" when, if you actually had an outline, you would KNOW where to start. Make sure that your story has a three act structure: the Set-Up (First Act), a Problem Confrontation (Second Act), and a Resolution (Third Act). Also, make sure that you know what is going to happen in every scene. If you got that cleared up, you said you have a writer's bloc due to not knowing what to write in every scene, think about what is the motive of the chapter. What do the characters WANT? Read a book about writing. I would like to recomend two in the sources description below. Here is something that Mark Twain said about writing: "Substitute "damn" every time you're inclined to write "very"; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be." Last thing: Write! You already made an outline of your novel. That shows you are comitted to it. Don't care if your writing isn't perfect. Just write, okay? Show, don't tell. Use as much description as possible. You can take some of it out when you or someone else edits your work. Peace Out!
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Jonelle Jonelle
This is how I would recommend writing a novel you want to finish- Getting the idea is the first thing you need to do. Read, read, read. Watch movies, go to a river, look at pictures, swim in the sea. Whatever inspires you. When you Do get a good idea, write it down straight away. And then you need to start thinking about the idea, forming characters and plot. Work out which age group your novel will be aimed at. Keep to this age group guideline at all times. If you are not sure of what the 'limits' are for that age group, and what they 'want', don't hesitate to spend time with people from the age group to learn their ways. Once you have your idea, you need to build it. Do this inside your head, jotting down notes as you go. When a very sketchy plot-line has been developed, get to know your characters and your setting like the back of your hand. You can not possibly spend too much time getting to know your story. Next, write down a timeline of the main events that structure your story. About each event write a letter, which stands for the main couple of characters that are in the scene/event. Build up character profiles, including sketches if possible. This doesn't have to all be on paper, the profiles can be done to a point in your head. Then write out the main 'problems' that your main characters will come across, and write them in deeper detail then the timeline. Take note of how your characters react to the situations. Once you have done all this, you already have the bare outlines of a novel in place. Begin to write. Don't worry about the length of your book - get out all you need to say and then you can mess around with the word count. When you finish the book, edit, edit, edit, edit. You will go through the book and re-write almost 70% of it before it will be ready to even be looked at by a publisher. Re-read every word and change your book. Every word must have a reason for taking up space on your page. Then get a variety of audiences to read and critique it. Then you are ready to send it off to an agent if this is what you wish to do with it. Good Luck!
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Genette Genette
I think this is more the matter of what you are looking at. You are looking at it as something really large that you have to fill, to which it can be, and it can be a good book at that, though you seem not ready to think in that direction just yet. The solution for this is is the 'layout' and this is sometimes just as hard to perfect as its book. You need a good algorithm, and lucky enough I know just where you should start. You have your characters, which if you do, you are already steps a head. Now your plot is yours, but to get it organized you must first think of a beginning, middle and end. Once you have done this, you must then fill it in. Have a convincing main character, and then have a few twists and turns, and then have it all raped up at a grand ending, it's all about those three points, beginning, middle and end.
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Deena Deena
Ask yourself: Where do you want your book to start? It needs to catch the readers attention, and introduce the world and MC. Then start. And keep going from there. If need be, you can EASILY go back and change what and where you started with. VOILA! Type it up in word, it's easy to edit! And it's really awesome to find a website to post your book. Inkpop.com is a good website. People can comment on your story, encourage you, and give you supportive criticism. There's always the chance of being copied, but the website doesn't allow you to copy and paste anything. It can be a lot more inspirational to keep writing when you know there are people out there that want to read it.
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