Was Dr. John Dee a satanist? Were his books demonic?

Was Dr. John Dee a satanist? Were his books demonic? Topic: How to write a dr. note for work
May 23, 2019 / By Diann
Question: I've been researching this man for a period of time now but i'm just simply dazzled at the moment because In some websites the info that they give me about Dee comes to a point where its just confusing. I know that he studied the divine language due to the Book of Enoch and facts that state that his partner (Edward Kelley) used himself as a vessel to help Dee communicate with Uriel, The archangel. Unfortunately, I have not read any of Dee's works because I don't want to know stuff I'd rather not know (Demonology and black magic). From the info I've acquired many sources say that he experimented with alchemy and that he also studied angels and demons. I want to say one more thing before anybody answers this question, please make it positive. Thank you!
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Careen Careen | 5 days ago
Dr. Dee led an amazing life, to be sure. However, he was working in the occult, which may be correlated in today's psychic scene to Ouija type stuff. I.e., the astral plane in which some of Dr. Dee's activity occurred was more mixed then. Since about 1900, the astral plane has, according to many who work in the field, become increasingly dark, confusing, deceptive, polluted, and manipulated. Thus, some of the astral awareness Dr. Dee might have found useful is more challenged and hence less reliable now; and, therefore replication of his astral-accessing methods is more dangerous. In other words, what Dr. Dee encountered, by his methods, is now less reliable, even though he was a type of professing Christian. Even as the physical world since 1900 has become in some ways more stressed, so too has the astral, in similar fashion, and for similar reasons. E.g., marxism was thoroughly manipulated from its early codification ( http://talmudterror.com/marx2.htm ), and similar forces were noted in German National Socialism. One man who suffered under both systems, Reverend Richard Wurmbrand, wrote two good Christian books: "Tortured for Christ;" and "Marx and Satan." Another who moved beyond such oppression is Soon Ok Lee, who authored "Eyes of the Tailless Animals." Helpful sources by authors who are considered ethical, albeit not necessarily "orthodox Christian:" Light Is a Living Spirit Man's Psychic Life Watch Your Dreams Autobiography of a Yogi Testimony of Light The occult is considered by some (e.g., Carl Jung) to be consequential, and a good, non-threatening look at the occult is given in "Paths of Light and Darkness," again by a not-so-"mainstream" Christian author. A more dramatic set of books is by the Russian-American psychiatrist Dr. Olga Kharitidi, who was blessed while growing up by contact with her Christian grandmother. Dr. Kharitidi encountered some "modern psychological research" in the late Soviet Union which parallels some of Dr. Dee's "occult scientific" efforts. Dr. Kharitidi documents those modern contacts in her "Entering the Circle" and "The Master of Lucid Dreams." As with most of the other works cited, there is no serious contamination-by-contact in Dr. Kharitidi's books. (The main exception re reading "stuff you'd rather not know" is (along with some of Marx's "Satanic poetry" quotes given in Reverend Richard Wurmbrand's "Marx and Satan") the somewhat-daunting quotes of some so-called "Satanists" and "fellow-travelers" at the " http://talmudterror.com/marx2.htm " site. However, imo the quotes given there are not so much "how to" as rather indicating "personal (or characterological) preferences.")
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Amie Amie
Dazzled? I'd say you're baffled. NO, he was not a Satanist. That's utterly the wrong take on him. You do not need to fear reading his work. Most of the mythology surrounding Dee is pure, fanciful B.S. that has been manufactured by others. His dabbling in Divination, Occultism and Alchemy are pretty mild, and quite interesting. His fascination with angels and demons was more biblical than anything else. If you haven't looked at it, read the Wikipedia entry on him and then this short biography: http://www-history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk/Biographies/Dee.html A fascinating individual. There's nothing scary here.
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Washington Washington
He was Christian. A Heretical Christian, yes, but man who based his ideals in Christ and love of God. The man was Curious. From the 16th century understanding of how the world worked, he tried to push the envelope with "alchemy" which is basic the illogical parent of Science. I don't doubt he also dabbled in the occult, to see if one really could mess around with Angels and Demons with magic words and spells. "Good magic" perhaps some would say. However, he became disinterested in that when older. However, he also was a mathematician. A seeker of the colder logical universal truths. If you want to know, he was probably just a truth-seeker. A very curious individual who, if he was born in modern times, would no doubt be a great scientific researcher.
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Ryley Ryley
No way because Satanists are not into the occult and deny all things like demons and the supernatural. They are atheists with a life code from the Satanic bible
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