How do jews label what's kosher or not?

How do jews label what's kosher or not? Topic: Oreo case study
July 16, 2019 / By Carlin
Question: I was in a jewish shop and all is kosher, even herbs, wine, sweets etc, Why that How does one know what's kosher or not? Judaism is a fake religion, as everything ends in Jesus, no more temple, no more the true time to keep shabbat etc. For example, in Pessah people in Israel keep only one day and in the Usa two days, that's not in the Bible. How can one follow a fake religion like that? No Feivel, you shut up, i know much more than you. It's not true, the judaism today has not to do with the judaism when Jesus was born. You follow the talmud, Jesus never followed the talmud. You can even proven you are a jew from the tribes. So you are just labeled jew that follow a religion called judaism, not more than that. And the true Israel will be made by the true Messiah, Jesus. You didnt understand, even though they sell some products not made kosher, many things are kosher, even the herbs, show me in the Bible that the herbs must be kosher.
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Andrina Andrina | 10 days ago
Hey....how about this. You shut up about things you know nothing about. I like that idea. Judaism is what xianity came from. Xians took the Torah and changed it, mistranslated it, misinterpreted it and then have the chutzpah to tell us we don't understand our own Torah. You were in a kosher shop and everything was kosher? Wow. Shocking. Do you get confused when you go into a shoe store and all the products are shoes? Kosher items must be prepared in a certain way. A Rabbinical authority issues the hechsher, some of which are considered more reliable than others and some are only issued in certain locations. If a company no longer meets the exacting standards of the Rabbinic authority.....their hechsher is pulled and they are not longer kosher. You can actually sign up for kashrut news that will inform you when something like this has happened or when a company has decided to now provide kosher items (for instance my parents grew up unable to eat M&M's and now they are kosher) and we all ran to store as soon as kosher Oreo's made their debut. However, my troll radar is pinging. Why on earth would you be in a Jewish shop if you dislike our faith. I promise you that you will never find me in a xian store. EDIT I don't understand? Wow. I follow both Torah and Talmud. They go together. So you question that herbs must be kosher (herbs are kosher in general but in this case it was the growing process, fertilizer, etc etc they would have been referring to when marking it kosher....if i plant my own herbs for instance, I would just check them for bugs and wash them) but a guy comes, says things that make no sense to Torah and you gobble that right up. Interesting. I have spent 23 years of my life in Jewish schools and you know more than I do? While I am not life's ultimate "go to" source for Jewish knowledge....in a battle of wits with you....I believe I win.....but then it is possible so would a hanging vine.....or an alley cat or a doorknob. Why is it xians think they know Judaism much better than Jews and yet, don't follow it or study it? The arrogance is often an astounding sight to behold. I don't know many xians and after being on YA.....I am ok with that.
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Andrina Originally Answered: Do born Jews & Orthodox converts consider Reform Jews not Jews at all? Do they not have the soul in your view?
Everyone has a soul, Jewish or not, so of course Reform Jews have souls. As to whether Orthodox Jews recognise Reform Jews as Jewish- we see them in two camps: 1) Those who are Jewish since they have unbroken matrilineal descent from an Orthodox Jew (or Judaism before Reform started in the early 1800's) 2) Reform converts, those whose descent is traced through a patrilineal line, and those who are the children of a marriage where the father is the Jew and the mother is a Reform convert. Group 1 we recognise as Jewish, group 2 we do not as we do not recognise patrilineal descent or Reform conversions as being valid. Edit: A lot of Reform posters take exception with the Orthodox view, unsurprisingly. But it is not just a matter of interpretational differences it is much deeper than that. the Torah gives and explicit statement as to who is a Jew (descendant f a woman, not a man) and the rules for conversion are found enumerated by Ruth in her statement, and elaborated on in the mishnah and Gemorrah in masechta Yevamos. the fact that Reform chooses to ignore what is explicitly stated in the Torah in the case of ancestry, and what is explicitly stated in the Mishnah, is what makes their Judaism suspect. Patrilineal descent is NOT ok, there is zero justification for it in the Torah- aside from the explicit statement in the Torah regarding the fact that if a man marries a non-jew his children are lost to Judaism, there is also an explicit example- the descendants of Sarah, who became Jewish with Abraham. are Jewish. the descendants of Abraham with a non-Jewish woman i.e. Ishmael and later the children from Keturah, are not Jewish. As for a convert- they are required to accept the whole halachah "your people will be my people, your ways will be my ways". There is no accepting of just some halachah or just selected bits you like- it has to be all or nothing- and since Refoem does not accept all Halachah, they cannot do a Kosher conversion and thus their converts, and their descendants, are not Jewish. The non-acceptance of Reform Jews that cannot show matrilineal descent from an Orthodox Jew goes to important matters of Halachah not mere interpretational differences.

Wil Wil
Well Lets see umm.. suppose youre allergic to something and that food youre eating doesn't say it and something happens to you then itd be the companys fault correct? So everything has to say what is in stuff. ever seen foods that say" May Contain Nuts"?? its informing people. The Kosher symbols are to inform us what is and isn't kosher. You say you know a lot which you don't. Herbs must be Kosher because some companies slip chemicals in it that may not be kosher. So Judaism is so fake? Without Judaism there wouldn't be any other religion. You have a lot of nerve saying all that and im sorry but isn't the belief in your religion that " Jesus is Jewish" ? If he is why would you talk about his religion then? You brought this up so you should think about what you say. Celebrating a 1 day holiday in Israel is mandated by Torah. 2 day holiday outside of Israel isn't mandated by torah but its because we aren't too sure about what day would be correct so the 2 days would be sufficient. You said "I was in a jewish shop and all is kosher, even herbs, wine, sweets etc, Why that How does one know what's kosher or not?" Now number one why go to a Jewish Shop if you say Judaism is a fake religion? number 2 again We can tell if its kosher if it says its kosher. That's the only way we'll know because the kosher certifying agencies have requirements and they make sure the food is kosher instead of us going to supermarkets constantly checking the ingredients to make sure nothings non kosher in there. You also said " You didnt understand, even though they sell some products not made kosher, many things are kosher, even the herbs, show me in the Bible that the herbs must be kosher." Now the Torah lays down what stuff we may not consume. If theres something in the herbs that is Prohibited by Torah then we cant have it. Just as if someone was allergic to Peanut butter they aren't only allergic to that but all products that contain it. Have Common Sense and actually think. Us Jews we Learn our Religion everyday and you being a Non-Jew not learning anything about Judaism and yet you tell us what is right and what's wrong. So heres some advice you should probably go learn about Judaism before you say anything or just shut up
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Sandford Sandford
I very glad that you consider our religion fake and have no interest in following it. One of the many things I enjoy about Judaism is that there's a quality-control aspect to the conversion process.
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Naphtali Naphtali
One thing that is done when a cow is slaughtered for meat is the knife has to be free from any rough edges that would prevent it from making a very clean cut in the throat. The point is for the cow to die very quickly and not suffer. One of many aspects of kosher that people don't know. Jewish foods are very clean and process is strictly regulated.
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Kenyon Kenyon
Starts off by asking a serious question about kosher but ends in a denigration of Judaism. Leads me to believe that his question is less than serious thus does not deserve an answer.
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Hosea Hosea
answer: by adhering to the Torah and inspecting everything by a qualified person, usually a rabbi that has had training. A ridiculous assertion that Judaism isn't real is laughable considering the delusional ranting about some modern "prophet" that everyone realizes is a joke.
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Emerson Emerson
wow - you are very hostile toward Jews. What's up with that? Jesus' mom was a Jew; all his friends and siblings were Jews - why so hostile to Jesus' family?
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Cleveland Cleveland
Kosher just means that the food (plant or animal) is "clean" and has been grown, processed, prepared, and/or killed in accordance with Jewish (Biblical) laws.
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Cleveland Originally Answered: Jews, Messianic Jews, Jewish Christians. Is it incorrect to call others Jewish other than orthodox Jews?
It's a community religion that determines it's membership. The Jewish community has determined that Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative & Orthodox & liberal & in Israel their called secular (which isn't US type secular) & Orthodox.....has determined we are all Judaism. It's based on the basic tenents of Judaism. Messanics are NOT Jews. Their beliefs contradict with & violate Judaism at every turn. For starters, their God concept isn't Judaism's. They are worshipping a person according to Judaism, which is a huge violation of Judaism. The whole salvation & sin & reward for belief & afterlife focus ALL violate basic structures of Judaism. Finally they are violating the very community part of Judaism by claiming to be Jews rather than asking. They'd get a resounding NO, because they aren't following Judaism, but movements in Judaism didn't just claim themselves. They were part of the community itself. Finally only around 10% of these messanics were ever Jewish. They've left Judaism by Maimonidies standards, which are summaries of Jewish belief on this anyway, so they aren't Jews, they are "former or apsostate Jews." Why to you thinking through theology sees them as unique from Judaism, their use of the term is on purpose to make them appear to be members of OUR religion. They add to the term the statements that they are a branch of Judaism & not accepted by their Jewish family. That's not separate -- that's assault on Judaism. That's forcing non-Jewish beliefs into Jewish definitions those who don't know us well. Non-Jews by & large are not knowlegable about Judaism & don't realize they are looking at messanic NON-Jewish beliefs. And it's on purpose that messanics are trying to cause that. Otherwise they could come up with a name of their own AND state CLEARLY that they are NOT Jews...instead they repeatedly state that they are Jews just like we are Jews. That's a blantent lie & it's part of their goal. The biggeest group used to be called Hebrew Christians. They changed the name to Messanic "Jews". They weren't getting anywhere at converting Jews, according to them, hence the change. Good Christians have supported us, & many Churches have said so. It's an attempt at stealing Judaism's name, not an honest religious choice to use the name. We've had our lives, familes & belongings taken. They can keep their mitts off our very name. BOTTOMLINE: Again, it's more than the name -- they claim to be one of US & use the name to create that idea. It's not just a name for themselves. From a Jewish point of view the theology violations are obvious. It's harder for many Chritians to see because they don't have an good understanding of Judaism to begin with (and have been taught that Judaism includes their Christian concepts). ============================== The fallacy of the Mormon argument: Christianity is a bunch of loosely related religions that share one thing - Jesus & salvation. Judaism is only ONE religion. So the true comparision is if some Lutherians started calling themselves Bapstists & claiming they are following Bapstist beliefs -- but then mistating what Bapstists believe. Baptists would be annoyed & everyone else would ask the those Lutherians to stop it, & pick some unique name & stop saying they are part of the Baptist Church. (I don't know enough about the two to point out their theological differences, but I can bet they matter to each of them!) ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reply to your additional details: 1. Your still mixing up the Christian umbrella term with the Jewish singular term. See my Mormon example. The Reconstructionist branch was recently accepted into Judaism by the oversight organization -- it's that literally controlled based on our usual Jewish committee-style. Christian isn't a religion, it's a group of very diverse religions that contradict each other's very basic theologies. Judasm isn't. The movements are much more fluid between each than people outside realize. " then we have no name " Specious argument, there are enough words for them to pick another name. Certainly the Catholic Church has a right to say some foreign group is not part of the Catholic Church. This is identical. 2. The problem is no long prostelyzing. It's telling non-jews that what they believe is judaism. Judaism has enough trouble explaining who we are, but now strangers are lying to the world about who we are. For us this is all about life & death in the past, so we care big time. 3. Notice that they use the term Jew as a noun -- as the final piece of their name. Messanic only a descriptor. So subcousciously one assumes they are Jews, just some particular kind. If they called themselves Jewish Christ Followers, it'd be less problematic. Of course it'd still not be true since they aren't Jewish (less than 10% ever were.) But no one would get confused about who they are or what their relationship is to Judaism or why they aren't part of Judaism. 4. It boils down to respect for Judaism. We get to define our name. We even get to exclude others from using it. This is a rub for many Christians because Christianity has taught that THEY, not Jews alone are Jews. That THEY have a say in what Jews do & say & how Jews should be changing into Christians. It's a part of Christianity that's caused great harm to Judaism in the past. It's hard for some Christians to see the invasive aspects & replacement theology, because they've grown with it. If you can shift from so much of standard Christian bellief, this is one area I hope you'll start to see too. My point number 1 - on the incorrect comparision to the term "Christian" instead of a specific like "Catholic Church" is where you're getting stuck I think. ============== Okay! So you've got it! Can you put into words what the problem is your trying to solve? I see a few, or branches of each other, & words might help me too focusing on solutions.

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