My family and I are planning to move out to California, HELP?

My family and I are planning to move out to California, HELP? Topic: Food for less jobs application
June 17, 2019 / By Chester
Question: Hello, my family and I are planning to move out to California very soon, we live in Wisconsin and want a change. we only know a few people who live out there, I, myself have never been there, most of all our families are in Wisconsin. I am actually very nervous to move, a friend of mine had told me san luis Obispo is a safe and nice area to live? it is definitely a little pricey though, I am in desperate need of help where the best place is for us to raise our child! I want a very safe location, where crime rate is very low, with activities in or around the area also great schools and great child doctors. Friendly people would also be a plus! Also where I should steer clear from would also be extremely helpful!! Thank you!
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Alysdare Alysdare | 1 day ago
You are just gonna pick up and move yourself and family to a strange place without checking out the place prior to you moving. Have you a job? Do you have a place to stay when you get there or are you gonna wing it? In order to be able to rent or purchase a house you would need to be able to prove you are able to pay the rent or mortgage. You would have to have a job to prove this fact. It might be that you would source the internet to see if there are jobs available in the area where you would want to live. You would find many job sites and would be required to complete the application portion after which you would be required to down load your resume. Once you have completed the basic and supplied the necessary information you would be able to browse and search for a job, you think you would be qualified for. You would apply for this job, provide the resume you have down loaded. Once you have done several of these, you would be contacted by potential employers. In some instances you are able to interview over Skype or other means in accepting a job position. This would not normally apply to a fast food or retail positions. Normally you would have to be in a technical job or one that might be in great demand. In moving to California, you should expect a sticker shock. the price of things are much higher, such as housing, gas and overall cost of living. Food might be less expensive, as there are no taxes charge on food purchased at your grocery store. Also there are many top grocery chains which lowers the price of food based on the competition, for customers. The grocer stores also stay open 24/7/ 365. You might want to google property managers in the city you would like to live. These property manager would have a list of properties they would have and provide you a list of properties available to rent. They would also have th monthly rent, deposit, if they are handicap accessible and important things you would need to know in order to rent from them. You should consider running a criminal report of the various zip codes you would consider living. Though these list would not prevent a crime, they would indicate the type of crimes that have been committed in this zip code. Some of these reports are at no cost to you while others might cost a small fee. You are able to do the same with the school district to find out what grade they have been given by the state or national agencies based on criteria used to grade a school by the rater. You would be required to google for this information. Normally this information is provided at no expense to you. There is little chance that I would uproot my family without the means of a job or the prospect of a job and a place to stay. It might be that I would go there first and have my family follow after I have been hired and found a place to stay. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
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Tiara Tiara
Why in the world would you want to move to California where the prices are out of sight? Many people from out of state find that they have to live in older more dangerous areas because of the high prices. That being said, there are areas in very small towns that are not priced that high but not close to big cities.
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Rosie Rosie
I live in California and I know several people who have moved to Wisconsin in order to get the things you are seeking.
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