How long will it take pony to settle in?

How long will it take pony to settle in? Topic: How to make a bib
July 18, 2019 / By Jenny
Question: We bought a really lovely pony for our two daughters but since moving it to a new yard it is really unsettled how long till we get it settled in properly and what can we do to help he has a lot of really nice horses and ponys around and has made a friend with the pony in the next stable.I really want it to bond with my two girls, but at the moment he is a little unpradictable as he is in a strange place with strange people.My two girls are only 8 and 5
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Flicka Flicka | 6 days ago
Speak softly to the pony, use the name it's been called by. Your TIME will be the most comfort. The girls voices, Just even sittting in the stall if it's safe for all involved. Don't look at the pony directly in the eyes, speak sweetly wait for (him/her) to come to you. Lower tones if contact is wanted--" Good, Good, ______" Do not be tempted to overdo treats. New Scents are everywhere-- and yours are too in a new place. Pine bedding will encourage resting at night, when the hustle settles. Your calm and the girls cooing is essential. If possible, a halter walk around the hose bibs, just a few stable mates etc. may introduce the new 'scary' stuff- slowly when it's least busy. My thinking is 4 days to a week... if you spend the max. time you can afford. Use a special small bucket for treats to start- in case a grab at fingers is possible. Your safety is included in the pony's best intrests too. Best of wishes from my seasoned 16 yr old pony, Mahogany Moon.
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Dahlia Dahlia
Depending on the pony's temperment, it might take between a day to over a week for it to settle down. Is it all alone or does it have contact with other horses? Horses are naturally herd animals and tend to do better with companionship. If you have it alone in a pasture, you might think about getting it a companion animal like another horse (or a goat). Make sure that while he's settling in, you keep on a steady routine with it, feed it at a regular time everyday, you can also take it out and spend time with it everyday, so while it settles in it also develops a bond with you and the girls and it learns to bond with you guys.
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Bithia Bithia
I'd give it a week. It's going to depend on a lot of things such as how long it lived at its last home, how herd bound is it [lonely for its old pals] and how fond it is of people. If the pony will let you, grooming is a good way to start bonding and help calm the nerves. Quiet voices, calm assertiveness around the pony. With good luck, it may be a day or two.
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Ailsie Ailsie
Depends on the horse, we got 3 new horses at the same time, 5 months ago, at my stables. 1 took like 3 weeks to settled in and is fine now, 1 still hasn't settled in and is real flighty, 1 was settled in the next day and is totally awesome. We move the horses around in yards all the time and they never really have any problems with it. Just reassure them and make it feel comfortable and just be patient.
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Tommie Tommie
enable your horse have a 2 or 3 days to settle into your recurring (feeding situations, finally end up situations). once you intend on using your new horse on these days brush her or him. Get to nicely known your new superb pal. Then after those first few days do mild paintings. Do particularly some lounging and foundation for an afternoon or 2 periodically by using the day. Then journey, do a sprint of each and everything, yet purely a sprint. After some days your horse would be settled in in simple terms high quality then you definately can get down and grimy with the no longer elementary stuff. in simple terms you would be wanting to take it sluggish, learn your horse, yet maximum of all enable him learn you! have relaxing and robust success!
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