I called my bff a $lut and she wont forgive me?

I called my bff a $lut and she wont forgive me? Topic: Person writing a will is called
May 23, 2019 / By Frederica
Question: its been a week i called her it because someone told me she made out with my ex bf when she alreadyhad a boyfriend plus she knew it would make me mad because i still liked him but i found out that it wasnt true and she wouldnt let me explain and she wont talk to me and in school she says for me to go away and she hates me i dont know what to do she even told me that she will not let me apologize and i wanna be friends with her don't tell me to give her time i already know that but i dont think its going to work okay OMG person wow you have no heart but i've gone to her house and tried that but still we're not in school anymore and she hates cake and chocolate so thats not going to work i've writeen her notes she just ignores i tried to figure out if it was true or not everyone just kept lying and i dont have anyone to go to because one of my bff's drifted away and the other one doesnt want to choose a side and i agree with her choice one of my friends is the one who lied and i found out that he lies to every one so i cant really trust him haley and westfield these answer collums are for you to help me now to be @sses haley and westfield these answer collums are for you to help me now to be @sses
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Best Answers: I called my bff a $lut and she wont forgive me?

Darlene Darlene | 4 days ago
hmm...i'm sorry 2 say this...but if its been a week...give her another....she won't listen and she won't let you apologize, well, if she's ur true bff she will *** around or let you speak. She may be really mad at you because you chose to believe someone else and you doubted your friendship with her. See it from her viewpoint. She must be really hurt by it. Write her a letter...email or find sum way to contact her if she won't talk to you in person. Go over to her house and say you won't leave the door unless she hears you out. And what were you doing calling her a slut without asking her about the truthness of the situation? Best friends go through alot and they work things out if their friendship is a true one. Remember that and keep pursuing her with your apology.
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Breanne Breanne
Try writing her a letter of apology. If you are truly sorry, which it sounds like you are, then write a letter explaining your feelings when you said that to her, acknowledging that it was wrong. Also, tell her that in the future you will not believe what other people say before talking to her. I hope things work out for you!
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Alethea Alethea
Tell her to get herself together. I call my best friend a slut all the time because it's true! She probably can't accept the fact that it's true.
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Tucker Tucker
buy her cake , and then sneak up and tickle her ,as she laughs shove cake in her mouth. When she stops eating and laughing, to make the situation even happier, whisper into her ear "Do you want to see my skid marks?"
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Rhett Rhett
Okay buddy u should have gone and claled her that if ur over with ur ex whats ur prob i think its ur fault and you should pay the concequences.
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