How do I make a resume look good when I've done nothing of importance?

How do I make a resume look good when I've done nothing of importance? Topic: Example of resume for jobs application
June 17, 2019 / By Audrea
Question: All my job applications want a resume. I don't have one. So far my life is pretty lame. How do I fake experience without lying?
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Abbi Abbi | 8 days ago
Resume extracurricular activities, particularly for students and recent graduates with little work experience, demonstrate important skills that are valuable in the work place. If you’re getting ready to graduate this year, it’s time to reconsider your resume. The extracurricular activities you list on your resume should be tailored to what you’re pursuing professionally. If there is a distinct correlation between an extracurricular activity and your desired profession, then you should include it. For example, if you would like to pursue a legal license and spent three years on the debate team, that resume extracurricular activity contributes value. Sometimes, however, extracurricular activities detract from your resume, in which case you should not include them. Don’t know which ones to list? Keep resume extracurricular activities if they demonstrate your commitment to these activities, skills and responsibilities.
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Abbi Originally Answered: How To Make A Good Resume?
A resume that land you an interview = a good resume. The resume + cover letter is the first impression you give to your employer. You need to convince that you are a good fit for their company with your resume There are plenty of resume format you can follow online. However, you should customize your resume for every different job you get. Basically you list out your Contact information objective skill education job experience on your resume. make sure that you find someone to double check for you because even a single mistake on resume mean you won't get a interview
Abbi Originally Answered: How To Make A Good Resume?
Easiest way is to open up a template in Microsoft Word if you have it. Just create a new document and choose resume and put your data in on the template. Resume should include your work contact information, an objective statement about what type of work you are looking for, employment history, and education. Some people say that you should add three professional references to your resume but I don't agree. I usually just type References available upon request. That way they will have to ask for your references and you can then let your references know to be expecting a call.

Stacey Stacey
Go to Amazon.com (or some other on-line book store) and buy "The Perfect Resume" by Tom Jackson. He gives out a lot of tips on how to legitimately beef up a resume, even if you don't have a lot of experience. I bought it over 10 years ago, and have been using it ever since. Since I started using his book as a reference to write my resumes, my resume response rate is over 70 percent. I figure I have made literally thousands of dollars by following the techniques in his book. This will be the best 11 dollars you have ever spent.
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Othello Othello
If you are applying for entry level jobs and you have no experience, you don't need a resume. Simply tell them this is your first job.
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Othello Originally Answered: How do you make your resume look good or an application for a job look good?
try looking at your situation from another angle - jumping from one job to another does have advantages, you can highlight them in your resume as 'valuable experience in several fields.' and you'll have to apply to more than just 2 companies. for every 50 resumes i sent, i got 2 calls at the most. good luck!

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