CAN A COP pull you over for throwing a cigarette butt out the window?

CAN A COP pull you over for throwing a cigarette butt out the window? Topic: Cigarette case store
July 20, 2019 / By Kirby
Question: Will there be a fine? Has this happened to you? I'm just wondering because i was riding to the store the otherday with my cousin and she needed to throw her cigarette out the window but she wouldnt because ther was a cop behind her so she put it in my drink instead! I dont smoke but im just wondering if this is littering or what. Or do cops even care?
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Huxley Huxley | 9 days ago
A person could be charged with littering or in some cases the charge can be moved up to conspiracy to commit arson.
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Eryk Eryk
Because police officers have more crimes to fight off, and not looking for smokers throwing out their cigarette butts. BTW, I am not a smoker, and I don't think cops should be wasting their time pulling over people who do that. $500 littering ticket is too much girl! Those laws do exist, ONLY if a driver is throwing away a plastic bottle out the window, a potato chips bag, anything that can harm the other driver will have a ticket for littering, but not for throwing out cigarette butts.
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Conner Conner
Yes If the cop isn't in a good mood. Some people think that it's littering, because the butt of the cigarette doesn't disintegrate when someone drops it on the ground, it actually stays there for a long time , same with gum. I haven't known anyone being stopped for that...but I like to keep our roads clean so I put my gum on a trash bag when I'm driving. I don't smoke, but I see a lot of people doing the same thing your friend wanted to do.
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Arn Arn
Yes and no. Throwing a cigarette butt out a window is considered littering and a danger to public safety. However, most police officers won't see or won't care. But as far as officers that are pushy about that kind of stuff, it's best to just avoid the scenario altogether and put it in a trash bin.
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Ula Ula
Yes. An officer has every right to pull someone over for throwing that (or any thing else for that matter) out a car window. I am a smoker and i never throw my butts out the window. tell your friend to just put them in the ashtray for now on.
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Sapphire Sapphire
it really depends on if the cops is nice or a mean one.I haven't had it happen but it is the law that you aren't suppose to throw out you cigarette because if its a drought it could set the woods on fire .And yes it is littering the cigarette isn't biodegraded ..
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Nolene Nolene
Firstly, it's littering. Secondly, throwing a lit cigarette onto a road is dangerous. You're not the only road user and fire is quite hot.
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Lysette Lysette
Yes you can get pulled over and fined as it is littering. The likely hood of it happening are slim, but every town/city has that cop(s) who are uptight and pull you over for the tiniest things.
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