How to add animated title text on video?

How to add animated title text on video? Topic: Cover letter editor position
July 18, 2019 / By Jon
Question: Ya know when you watch news for example and some kind of person is shown sometimes there pops up that text at bottom of screen what says something like "Carl Johnson, the host" or "Barack Obama, president of US" and then it goes away. It is transparent and has all those nice graphics and everything. I wanna do same on my youtube video only at center of screen and I wanan it to be like a title of scene or something. I don't wanna it to cover video i wanna it to be transparent and i wanna wanna it to have all those nice graphics and stuff and then go away. H How do i do do it? I got sony vegas pro 11.
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Haggai Haggai | 8 days ago
On the Video track, right click and select "Insert Text Media...". A window will pop up with four tabs where you can play around with the properties. You can play around with Shadows, outlines, colouring, font, size, positions, tracking (the amount of space between each letter), leading (the amount of space between each line), etc. Use "Event Pan/Crop" for it to move. You can get tutorials for that off YouTube, it's really a confusing process when you first start out and it's a lot to explain but it gets easier. So other than that, if you want you can go to the box at the very left of the track. There will be a small icon of film with "OC" on it. That's your Track Compositing Mode. If you click on it you'll see various ones -- you can use these to basically blend in with the other layers. Try putting a picture / even just a plain red background on the track below / above your text and play around with the different compositing modes to get a feel for them. But really, I think the best software for editing text is still Adobe After Effects. That's what most editors get when they want to do professional typography. If you do end up getting AE, here's a nice little tutorial about it to get started: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtl22gaXozU Also here's some inspiration for you, but don't expect to do it as beautifully as she did when you first start out! It takes a lot of work and effort and experience on the editor's part, but this is just to give you some idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T24WpxJSA90 Best of luck! Hope I helped :)
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