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Missed period question? Topic: homework causing stress
July 19, 2019 / By Ibri
Question: Hi there. I have a question about missing my period. In August my boyfriend and I had sex 2 times, each time with a condom and he pulled out before just as an extra precaution. Since then I have moved back to my college dorm. I have been super stressed with my school work (I am always stressing about tests and homework and it causes me to not get much sleep as well), my dorm duties (I am an executive officer), working, having my diet completely changed from what I usually eat at home, and being stressed about being pregnant. So I guess my question is, can all of these factors cause me to miss my period or have it delayed? Any advice is welcome. Thank you :) I am also under immense pressure to get really good grades this semester so that I can get accepting into a professional program for next fall. Even just the thought of this stresses me out.
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Esmund Esmund | 2 days ago
Totally. Stress can cause your body to do all sorts of weird stuff. My period and everything has been all out of whack since I moved to college too :/
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Esmund Originally Answered: Missed period but not pregnant? please help me?
For most women who have been through puberty and are still having regular menstrual periods, the first thing to come to mind when a menstrual period is missed is pregnancy. Although pregnancy is a common cause of missed periods, there are many other factors that can cause a woman not to menstruate (amenorrhea). Stress, being very overweight or underweight, eating disorders, birth control pills and some other medications, breast-feeding, underactive thyroid gland, regular but excessive exercise, and the approach of menopause are all possible causes of amenorrhea. Menstrual periods may not resume for several months after a woman gives birth or while she is breast-feeding. Diseases that affect the body's hormonal system can also lead to missed periods, but these are rare. Sometimes birth control pills prescribed to regulate irregular periods can cause missed periods. If your periods stop while you are taking one type of pill, switching to another birth control pill may solve the problem. If you are on the pill and your periods stop, talk with your doctor or nurse practitioner. Going off the pill after being on it for a while also may disrupt your menstrual cycle for a few months while your body adjusts to the change in hormones. Self-Care Steps for Missed Periods ... The first thing to rule out if you miss a period is pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests on the market today are considered very accurate when the directions are followed. If the test is negative, but you strongly suspect you might be pregnant, repeat the test after one week. It is important to avoid alcohol, tobacco and chemicals until pregnancy is ruled out. If you are in your 40s or 50s, a missed period may mean you are starting menopause. Before your periods stop entirely, they may be irregular for a time. If you miss more than two periods, call your doctor. For some women, a bout of the flu or stress at work or home can throw their menstrual cycles off. If you are under stress, find ways to relieve it. Take time out daily to meditate, listen to soothing music or read a book. Regular exercise and getting enough sleep each night can also reduce stress. Rapid weight loss or being very overweight or underweight can also cause amenorrhea. If you are trying to lose weight, make sure you are eating at least 1,200 calories a day from a well-balanced variety of foods. If you are underweight, eat a well-balanced diet that provides about 2,000 calories a day. Whether you are overweight, underweight or dieting, your doctor, nurse practitioner or dietitian may be able to help you set up a healthy diet and exercise plan. Very hard training and exercise are other causes of amenorrhea. If you are in training and are missing periods, easing up may return your periods to normal. If you are an endurance athlete, ask your doctor or nurse practitioner if hormone therapy or calcium supplements might be right for you to help prevent osteopenia or osteoporosis.
Esmund Originally Answered: Missed period but not pregnant? please help me?
No worries women don't usually have regular periods until 18-20 untill then your body is trying to discover the right hormone doses for you to have a 28 day cycle. It is normal you may skip a few months, no worries your body will get it sooner or later. If not alot of women go on birth control to regulate there periods. So no worrries your normal and healthy:) Good luck
Esmund Originally Answered: Missed period but not pregnant? please help me?
You could have irregular periods. I know that sounds strange since you have had them reguarly, but I had the almost exact same thing,( im 14, hardley kissed a guy too) and then like 12 days later i got it? But now its regular again, soo I would advise not to get too worried until the next time you get it. Hope that helped(:
Esmund Originally Answered: Missed period but not pregnant? please help me?
Do you exercise? That can hold a period off. I got my period at 13 and it was irregular for about 5 or 6 years. Sometimes I'd get it regularly, and sometimes it completely skipped. I"m sure it;s nothing serious. Irregular periods at such a young age is pretty normal.

Esmund Originally Answered: Is a missed period (not pregnant) normal?
Many things can cause women to skip periods. If you've lost or gained weight or have had a lot of stress - these are the more common reasons why women who aren't pregnant are not having periods. Don't worry about a pregnancy, b/c unless you're the Virgin Mary, virgins can't get pregnant :) If you're still concerned, just do a little more research on a credible medical website, maybe your local hospital (that way, you don't have to visit a doctor). And check out some free clinics in your area if the problem persists.
Esmund Originally Answered: Is a missed period (not pregnant) normal?
Don't worry. Have you been stressed? Have you had a change in diet? Change in sleep habits? Change in excercise habits? If you answered 'yes' to any of those, then go back to your normal routine (or calm down) and take a breather, you're gonna be find.

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