Does anyone regret getting their neutered?

Does anyone regret getting their neutered? Topic: Who owns the media research center
June 17, 2019 / By Dale
Question: I don't plan on getting my puppy neutered, but I was wondering if anyone regretted having that done to their dog? Other than medical reasons, I consider my dog my buddy. He's my jogging buddy! anyways, I feel like by neutering him, I'm unnecessarily taking my best friend apart and taking parts off of him that were designed to be there! Wouldn't you regret that? Hormones are a major part of any animal or persons body and life.. by taking away one of the main hormone centers, you're changing the makeup of your dogs body. .. I got off on a rant, but, back to my question.. do people even ask questions about this anymore? Or do they just have it done like they're checking it off the list of things you HAVE to do for your dog? why does everyone think that it's irresponsible to leave your dog intact. It's actually illegal to neuter your dog in parts of Europe. I've decided it's because Americans are too busy and take on too many dog responsibilities that they couldn't possibly handle. Why not just have one dog, that you did alot of pre-research on and take care of that one dog!? I only have one.. and I do not understand how he is going to create all these "babies" since he's inside of my house when I'm not around or WITH ME when he's outside. negatives of neutering if done before maturity, increases the risk of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) by a factor of 3.8; this is a common cancer in medium/large and larger breeds with a poor prognosis increases the risk of cardiac hemangiosarcoma by a factor of 1.6; this is a common cancer and major cause of death in some breeds triples the risk of hypothyroidism increases the risk of geriatric cognitive impairment triples the risk of obesity, and with it many of the associated health problems quadruples the small risk ( It is illegal in Norway and very uncommon in many European countries, to neuter a dog without good reason. They do not have any problem with pet overpopulation. Here, every "responsible" owner neuters their dog. We have a pet overpopulation problem Do you see where I'm going with this? No, I am not overly concerned with his parts.. but one should be! Why take something away from a perfectly healthy animal that was intended to be there? there seems to be some flaws in that logic.I honestly think balls look disgusting, but does that mean I'm going to have someone cut my dog up? hell no. Why "fix" something that doesn't need "fixing"? Are we searching for trouble? clockwork: a) I'm not a man, I have no attachment to dog balls.. sorry bud b) It IS illegal in Norway actually. I was just there two weeks ago. I only met one guy with an altered dog. My boyfriend thought it was absolute stupidity that everyone in the U.S. altered their dogs.(he's Norwegian). c) there ARE actually many negatives to neutering a dog. Do you actually believe you can take a major hormone producer away from one's body and not have any consequences? I don not think so bud. d) "Only irresponsible owners don't spay/neuter their dogs" (or something to that effect). Really? if that's the case, explain breeders? Showdogs? If only irresponsible owners have intact dogs, then who's dogs are left breeding?
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Blanch Blanch | 1 day ago
I haven't neutered my dog, and i probably won't. The negative health risks SEVERLY outweigh the positive health benefits. Apart from eliminating the tiny risk of dying from testicular cancer, there are hardly any health benefits. I feel i am responsible enough to own an intact dog, and will pay all medical bills (emergency spay etc.) should my dog impregnate a btch in heat. BTW I will never breed my dog ever. Just so you don't mistake me leaving my dog intact as me wanting to breed him. My dog may well be show or breed quality, but I'll never know and I really don't care.
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Blanch Originally Answered: Why did my dog become more aggressive after being neutered?
Actually studies by both the C-BARQ and AKC Canine Health Foundation have shown that in some cases male dogs neutered before full maturity are more likely to become aggressive. Humane societies and other organizations spout the opposite. My opinion is that it's all about owner management of the dog; I've seen neutered dogs that would tear a person's/another dog's head off just for looking at them funny, and ones who are complete love bugs, and the same goes for unneutered male dogs as well. Every dog is an individual and their bodies will react differently to different changes in hormones, environment, etc.

Ainsley Ainsley
Nope my parents don't regret it and neither do I.Why leave a dog intact? Male dogs when intact can come across major issues if not given a way to vent mating needs their bodies hormones and need to mate build and build, not only that but it eliminates testicular cancer also. I have a male Boxer mix that was neutered at 6months, he is 7 years now and I use him as a jogging buddy. Add: If owning an intact dog, its best to have the house and yard completely escape proof. Because if they catch the scent of a b*tch in heat they will try absolutely everything in their power to escape and get to that female. When a dog is neutered an owner doesnt have to worry about that issue, because if that dog escapes and locates that b*tch and mate another unwanted litter will be the outcome. Plus you wouldnt know if the male tied with someones pet or with a street dog. But if an owner is responsible and can keep their dog secure and under control, then yeah there is nothing wrong with it. My uncle owns an intact male American Staffordshire Terrier pushing on to his 5th year. He is healthy in all areas, the only problem with him is that he an other male dogs (especially other intact males) do NOT get along at all. Loves his females (spayed of course, my uncle will never let him around any un-altered females) but has issues with males. I personally believe that every dog should be spayed or neutered if they are not being used for breeding purposes by responsible,knowledgeable and reputable breeders that know what they are doing. JMHO @rachel- I just thought I should tell you that male dogs don't go into heat. The reason he would be running off and straight through the electric fence and roam would be because he would have caught the scent of a female in heat close by. Males don't go into heat, only females.:)
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Toney Toney
There are several reasons why all of my dogs are spayed and neutered. If you do not neuter your dog, then he will be susceptible to prostate cancer or enlarged prostate glands. Everyday I have people come in to our clinic and say things like "why in the world would I have my dog neutered?" Truly it is the best thing for the dog, and they don't even notice that they have been neutered. Also, by not having him neutered, you could get a "surprise" litter that would just increase the dog population, when there are already thousands of pets that are euthanized each day in shelters.
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Rayner Rayner
Do I regret getting my dogs altered? Why should I? The dogs certainly don't care, and I don't have to deal with all kinds of behavior issues, along with some pretty nasty medical issues. So you are a afraid of bone cancer? Then wait til your dog matures. Seems to me you are too fixated on his "parts" and are just bringing out whatever you can find to support your worry over his "parts". There are plenty of dog owners who are able to responsibly handle intact animals. However, they are the kind of sensible and knowledgeable people who do NOT worry about "parts". People who do worry about this kind of thing are the ones who end up littering the world with unwanted offspring.
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Mattaniah Mattaniah
We didn't get ours neutered but that was mainly because we found him that way and he was older. I love the personality and energy of my dog despite his older age! I think that neutering the dog really changes him. The only thing to worry about is that when he goes into heat he may run away a couple of times. Mine definitely does, he runs right through the electric fence. He usually goes to the same house, and one time the police found him and kept him at the station for 3 hours until we finally found him there.
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Mattaniah Originally Answered: Can my cat reproduce again after he was neutered?
While a male cat can still impregnate a female a couple of weeks after neuter no he can't be used for breeding. Neutering removes the testicles it is not like a vasectomy where a "tube" is simply cut and can be "reattached" . It is possible the infection had spread making the neuter medically necessary, if your vet did not tell you this call and find out why he was neutered. If it was not medically necessary file a complaint against you vet for whoever regulates vets in your area. You also have civil recourse against your vet if the neuter was not necessary to seek monetary damages as he altered your cat without permission. Stephanie: vets have been known to perform medical procedures without consent. I have seen documented cases where vets declawed cats brought in for neuter when the owner did not request or want a declaw. I have also seen a documented case were a cat left for boarding only scratched the vet and the vet got mad and declawed the cat and did not even bother to tell the owner, the owner noticed the cat was in pain and discovered it that way. Needless to say theses vets were held responsible for their actions but it does occur.

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