PLEASE PLEASE HELPP! What would be a few good reasons for a going on 14 year old to have a netbook?

PLEASE PLEASE HELPP! What would be a few good reasons for a going on 14 year old to have a netbook? Topic: Homework help powerpoint
May 23, 2019 / By Maynard
Question: my mom said that basically i could get a laptop if my sisters would not get mad. so my sisters said i had to make them a powerpoint presentation stating all of the good things i would do with my laptop. well i already have the major one.. school. i need like 3 or four more. PLEASE PLEASE HELP. & my sisters would be mad because they are at least 3 years older than me and they asked and didnt get one.
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Best Answers: PLEASE PLEASE HELPP! What would be a few good reasons for a going on 14 year old to have a netbook?

Joel Joel | 6 days ago
well you could say - its easier to watch tv when you're doing your homework or you can put all your favorite photos on there and use them as a rotating screen saver or you can help them look for cool things on ebay or you can do research on environmental issues so everyone at home can make the world a better place
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Grier Grier
notebook, not netbook. There is a huge difference, a netbook is made for pretty much only using internet. They have no CD drive, and a tiny screen. Go for a notebook. Toshiba, Gateway, and Acer are very good quality and dont cost a huge amount. Trust me, im 14, I got a netbook, and I returned it for a nice gateway laptop. You could use it to write a book You can use it to stay up-to-date on world news The world is getting more advanced, people need to have expierience with new computers oh yeah. DONT BUY A DELL! You will waste your money, in 3 months the thing wont even turn on anymore.
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Dusty Dusty
why cant you have one if it angers your sister:L? Anyway.. -Social aspect, it will get you out of their hair when your in the house. -Show you can look after it- having your own expensive computer, and being able to look after it, will show maturity. -Use it for helping their problems out by using Yashoo ;o -The times where a song is on an advert or you can think where you seen that actor before, you could be able to google it fast and remove the annoyance. Hope i helped, and hope you get it x
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Buck Buck
well like the last person said netbooks are slowly dieying but i have 2 so ill give you some good points, their small usually have good battery pretty great on vacation, cheap, can game (if you get one with "ion") and depending on your tv you can connect it to one
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Alden Alden
yeah really store photos school work and education. why not get a laptop and not a net book good luck.
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