How do you ask a question on Yahoo Answers?

How do you ask a question on Yahoo Answers? Topic: How to write an appointment letters
July 20, 2019 / By Jerald
Question: I can't figure out how to write a question on it, please help! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!... nice answers! I find them very hilarious, thanks for answering Now I know how to ask a question, but how do I add additional details?
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Gerrard Gerrard | 3 days ago
1.) Place right hand on mouse (USB or PS3, either type is fine. Furry mammalian is not.) with index finger positioned over the left mouse button, but not applying pressure. Over-exerting yourself at this point will make the entire process much more difficult. 2.) Move mouse in coordination with the cursor on your computer monitor in order to position said cursor over the top-left 'ask.' link on the Yahoo! Answers main page. 3.) Apply light pressure on the left mouse button with your right index finger, until you hear a quiet clicking noise. The mouse is not broken, it is supposed to do this. Remain calm. 4.) Wait for the new web page to load in your browser. This should take anywhere between one second and four minutes, depending on your connection speed. 5.) Repeat steps 1-3, replacing the 'ask.' link with the 'What would you like to ask?' text box. 6.) Using the tips of your fingers, press the keys on your keyboard that correspond to the letters that compose your question. This will enter your question in the text box through the power of dark sorcery. 7.) If you would like to add additional details, repeat steps 1-3, targeting the second text box located below. Then use the previously mentioned method of data entry, commonly referred to as 'typing,' to record your details. 8.) If all appears adequate, repeat steps 1-3, targeting the 'continue' link. Wait for the new web page to load. 9.) Now that you're getting familiar with the cursor manipulation method, use your mouse to select and deselect any desired options on this new page. This is very important. If you type anything that is not meant to be typed, Yahoo will send their Nazi Rogue Double Agent Ninjas after you. 10.) Use the mouse to select and click the 'Preview' link. 11.) If all appears satisfactory, select and click 'Submit.' You're almost finished! Now just wait for a moment. I have an appointment at Mars and I'm going to tell you the last vital step after I come back.
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Dob Dob
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Boniface Boniface
wowo thanks for the free points. and uuuhhhh additional detials is easy. i mean u just did it.gooooooodddd jjjoooob
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