I am considered a genius yet?

I am considered a genius yet? Topic: Year 1 maths homework for children
July 18, 2019 / By Scout
Question: Given my grammatical error's and malapropisms you might wright me off as a "poser, wana be, or plain ignorant". However i have taken many tests, against my will i should add. Putting me against all of america, grading me on how my mind works. From those test's they have decided for me that my I.Q. is 160 (something) i took those test in a private school at the age of 11-14 and I could give a hoot about them. But besides the fact that I was proclaimed intelligent by a test, all my teachers, mentor's, and acquaintance's have pinned me as Beyond normal. I have also taken tests about what my mind specializes in. I took this test in 9th grade. I tested slightly above average in math and science (one in the same in my opinion) and very poor or how they put it needing guidance in english. Yet, what makes me curious is that i tested perfectly in common sense. Given there were over 30 catagorys to be tested under this is the only one i aced. However if i were to take the fact of the high I.Q. and high "common sense" that someone else had; i would figure they would be Valid Victorian, child protege', and ivy league grad. Yet, my life seams to be peculiar. It seems to be the exact opposite. I am a slacker. I do not feel the ambition that those with lower I.Q. have. I find that those with lower ones tend to have better academically placed success then myself. I find my teachers telling me "come on i know you can achieve much more". And when i fail their class they still consider me smart. I currently have a 2.1 G.P.A. yet, my school pushes me into A.P. programs which i find more redundant then normal classes. I find myself disagreeing with teachers on what they perceive some information ( i.e. economics). I find this peculiar impeticular were you research people with a high I.Q. you will always find they love to read. I find reading boring when ever i read my mind will wonder off. I will think about what life would be like if i lived in a poverty stricken country, what i ate for breakfast, or what will i eat for dinner. So instead of reading my mind loves and adores video games, infact i find i ditch to play video games more then stonners ditch to do drugs. If your still reading this i do apologize for rambling.... its how my mind works... But my question is, Why am i an outlire, a failure, a disappointment. Every one and everything tells me i am intelligent beyond what others could dream of. Yet i honestly feel i am more of a retarded (sorry for using a socially inappropriate word). I feel as if everything has pegged me wrong. I am on the verge of crying because no matter how hard i try to live up to expectations. I fail... i fail.... and then i fail... In fact its the only constant in my life is failure... Do not worry this is not my trying to get people to post nice comments so i feel better about my inner self... I am trying to be as honest as possible to get the purest results. I am socially awkward not because my mind works at a different level, but because i tend to find the more awkward i make a predicament the more comfortable i feel. Yet i have found i have great rhetoric. This brings me into another question... Are I.Q. test accurate ... and if so are they practical.... And my third question is i am infact a genius.... am i truely an outlire.... Sorry for giving and anticlimatic third question but i didnt want to type more...
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Oanez Oanez | 10 days ago
Hello Tony! Although I never took an IQ test, I feel that I am also similar to what you have described. Since young age I found maths and 'common sense' to come with ease, while I had great problems with languages, that is English, especially interpreting poems and plays. I can literally sleep though the maths class and I get the best grades in my class, but no matter how hard I try to concentrate in English class, I fail to understand of what is going on. It was always a great difficulty for me to do school work at home, especially study (It is not that bad with written assignments which I sometimes enjoy) . Before I even grab a book, my mind is full of thoughts which makes me fail to concentrate on reading, then I start to see it as pointless and I start doing something which seems more interesting and fun for me (which usually is playing/programming computer games). In fact, within last 4 years, I am sure I spent less than 10 hours on study+homework. Teachers see me as lazy and I often get in trouble for not having my work assignments done, but its not that bad since I am getting average results on my exams. I guess ones of the reasons why I neglect my school work is because I see it as pointless. Basically schools nowadays designed to throw in you as much useless knowledge as they can. If you succeed learning this junk, you will be rewarded with a certificate which will get you into a college which will later get you a job. I am now in before college education level, I need pretty average results to get into the college I want, so I see home-work as a waste of time. -Is it the same with you? I also find myself socially awkward, to an extent that some of my friend see me as a sociopath. I am easy to get into awkward situations and I don't feel comfortable around people I do not know. Back to your questions: -I cannot really answer your first question, as I never took an IQ test. I will say what I think about it anyway. I think they are accurate to some extent but them alone should not be used to label people as intelligent or not (in a given category), -I do not believe in all that 'genius' thing. It is a very vague expression as different people are gifted in some categories, and also are 'behind' in some. One word cannot accurately express ones' abilities. But from what I have read about you, I think you are pretty much gifted, you probably, similarly to me, see the world slightly different the the majority of people. And as you said you might also be gifted in mathematics and logic. -And regarding your school work: If you do not find it useful or fun, and you are sure that you will get enough points to get into a college then I think you should find a more enjoyable and interesting way of developing your brain and extending your knowledge. I mean, the teachers are not going to kill you if you don't have something done. Sorry for this long answer, as you might have noticed I am not very good at writing. I hope this will help in you in some way. -Mario.
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Oanez Originally Answered: Am I considered a genius?
Tests you give yourself are meaningless. Beware. Sometimes they are just collecting/stealing info on you! You may have been tested to get admitted to GT. Talk to your counselor about this. You seem gifted in math. Your writing could use a bit of work. Ask your counselor to explain about IQ scores. However, you certainly seem to be doing well. Keep it up. Ask your counselor about summer activities and other programs that may help you develop your gifts.
Oanez Originally Answered: Am I considered a genius?
You cannot take a real IQ test online. They're all fake, many are scams, and they all tell everyone they're a genius. How do I know you took an online IQ test? A real IQ test (which can only be taken in person from a licensed psychologist) costs several hundred dollars to take and includes a full explanation of your score, so you wouldn't have to ask us and there's no reason to take more than one ever. That's not your IQ. If you are not current enrolled in a top college or university at the age of 13, you are not a genius. That's what geniuses can and are even expected to accomplish by that age. No, you're not a genius. You're yet another kid who got fooled by online IQ tests.

Maddie Maddie
IQ is simply what IQ tests measure, so they're fairly circular in nature. In fact, the whole notion of intelligence is probably more to do with justifying forcing people to do unpleasant or boring work due to the relative scarcity of interesting or rewarding jobs. It's not real. My own IQ comes out high but it means nothing. Also, underachievement is built into the education system (which is why home ed is better). I think that if what you are asking is true, the problem is that you are trapped in a cycle of underachievement, which is very common for people whose IQs seem to be high. What happens is, you get used to things being easy to learn and it becomes part of how you see yourself and what you value in yourself. When that happens, the fear of failure becomes a threat to your identity and so you tend to escape into activities and trains of thought which are less threatening but also sidetrack your energy. As a result, you are perceived as lazy. Incidentally, you and i seem to have the same problem: hypergraphia. Brevity is hard to acquire and easy to lose, but it's very worthwhile and i think you need to work at it.
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Kendall Kendall
To me it just sounds like you are tired of all the tests and "he's so smart" mumbo jumbo ... its normal. You're not a failure, you'll find your place in time. I say you are young.. you don't need to do what's expected of you right now just because what your IQ is. You are intelligent. Just focus on you and do what makes you happy. When the time comes then apply for college, if that's what you want. But make sure its what you want.
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I can speak somewhat intelligently on this subject since I am a RECOVERED Alcoholic/Addict. I say RECOVERED because in our text known as "The Big Book" it refers to this through a process known as the 12 STEPS of A.A., when we have reached a certain step we have recovered from a seemly hopeless state of mind and body. If we continue to grow in understanding in our spiritual life, we can remain so as long as we keep striving toward better things through the continued use of the steps. It even states in our readings that we need not crawl before any man, and this suggests to me and countless others that this certainly does not make us victims. People who want to stay sick want to do so because they are afraid to take responsibility for their lives, and remain victims because our society allows them to do so by allowing for assistance from the state I do concede that some of us take longer to recover than others for various reasons, and logic does not play a part in being able to decide our fate many times However with that being said many of us Alcoholics know what we are but are too afraid to change, and the longer we wait the harder it is to change our ways and die as never having had the experience of life as sober people. Our state allows for Alcoholics to be considered as wards of the state and are considered as "HANDICAPPED and so that is why many law makers in Wisconsin use these people as victims to create a larger voter base. What is funny however though is that most RECOVERED ALCOHOLICS tend to be on the more Conservative side and vote Republican, because they have taken responsibility for their lives and want to live as honest accountable people. There has been many opportunities for me to use my status as an Alcoholic to receive special compensations, but have not done so because it is dishonest and causes me to be viewed as a victim I choose not to be. It has been shown in some scientific studies that most Alcoholics tend to be on a higher learning curve then say a "NORMAL PERSON", which tends to be a double edged sword when you look at how we tend to use that intelligence in negative ways that leads us into the trouble we are good at finding. The same people who make us victims and want us as victims tend to treat us as such, and they need us to keep their jobs by balancing heavy work case loads so nobody else will want them. This is why many people on public assistance stay on it because the employees are the ones who encourage us to stay on it, and has little to nothing to do with doing it as a vocation because of some burning desire to help indigents and abusers of the system. I hope this has helped you in your pursuit of the truth, because as Conservatives ( I am assuming that you are) this is what we strive for and not a distorted view of reality that Liberals will use to create an agenda of mis allocation of public funds. This is why their numbers were so huge and why their numbers will further dwindle in the next few years, because the public sector has no more money to fund these sink holes of the tax payers money.........................

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