What career is good for me?

What career is good for me? Topic: Goals for after high school essay
May 23, 2019 / By Abelia
Question: For a long time I've always seen myself as some sort of Doctor, I've always loved learning about the human body and have a million questions to ask during every trip to the Allergist or Doctor's! But after taking Science through elementary school and high school (I'm in Grade 11 now) I'm not doing so well and not enjoying it so much and thinking it might not be such a good choice for a career. Anyways things I do like now is music - I play instruments and always get 90% or higher as my overall mark each year. I know I definitely want to continue with music but not as a major career I don't think, maybe just along the side - though I have considered being a music teacher which doesn't seem too bad though it doesn't interest me like becoming a doctor did. Anyways! Things I do currently like include: - Helping my friends with problems (I love knowing that I helped!) - History (I don't love it, I just like it - it's pretty interesting) - English (though I'm not too great at essays I do fairly well and I enjoy class) - Art (I enjoy painting and always love to make comics with cartoon chars. for my friends just for fun!) - French (I'm alright at french but I mean learning new languages and be able to talk in different languages just seems so cool to me. I really wanted to take Spanish this year but didn't have enough space in my schedule). - Helping people in general, not just with problems but with anything I can offer help with! - Photography (I have no experience in this field but it seems cool!) Any careers you could base off that? Also, I'm not too great with Math, I mean I can do basics but this year with Grade 11 Math especially - it isn't going so well. Anyways, I really appreciate your help! I know I have a bit of time but I just really want to know what I want to do and set a goal for myself and get organized with what universities are good for me, etc. THANKS SO MUCH and sorry this is so long!
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Steve Steve | 2 days ago
I didn't read all of that, but take one of those "career test" things. It will help you figure out the career best for you.
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Steve Originally Answered: At what point in my college career,/career career, should I become a “good” programmer?
I think your question is very subjective; however if you want an honest answer from my perspective...it's whenever you feel like you've done the work. I notice that the stuff taught in class is pretty much already well known, between basic programming, to AI design, to algorithm analysis...whatever, the point is that if you really want to become a good programmer you're going to have to learn that you'll never really no it all. If you're expecting to know everything someday, you picked the wrong field. I myself don't know how to write sockets yet, but eventually I WILL learn. Why? Because I put the time an effort into learning, and not relying on an instution to teach me what I could learn on my own. There is a lot of knowledge out there, and if you only rely on your college to teach you...well, good luck getting some actual experience under your belt. I was having trouble finding a job (and yes, I'm still an undergrad; however I have 3 AS comp sci degrees) for a while, so I got an internship, and started doing some small projects to make myself a portfolio. And you know what? I taught myself much more than the material I learned in class. If you're stuck on...well I don't know how to do this, so I can't; I somehow doubt an employer like that attitude. If you want to learn, get up, go to the library, use the internet, get involved in an open source project, whatever you do, teach yourself. Remember, you can't learn everything in class, I and many others have already proven that. I guess a lot of it depends on your perspective. Mine has always been, if I know something, great. If I don't know something, better; now I have an opportunity to use what I've learned before to accomplish a new task, and challenge myself once again.
Steve Originally Answered: At what point in my college career,/career career, should I become a “good” programmer?
Well if you have mastered your programming language or have a comfortable use of it you are done. Those other catagories like a web messaging program is more internet tech related and linux and windows are two platforms you can program on so choose what works and what is comfortable. As far as the registry thats more of a computer tech class than programing. It's why people get paid the big bucks for this career is because it takes many courses of study to be well versed not only in programing but also in what your programing the application for IE internet,games,os's
Steve Originally Answered: At what point in my college career,/career career, should I become a “good” programmer?
This isnt as much of answer as it is an agreement. I am CIS major and I have 1 semester left. I know CIS isnt as technical as CS (i have taken a few CS electives) but I agree that I haven't necessarily learned as much as I thought I would. I would say over half of my computer knowledge has been from me trying to accomplish something and searching the internet for the answer. I also believe that nowadays an undergraduate degree shows an employer that you can "Focus, learn new tasks, and work with out people." Employers in the IT field please let us college kids know if this is true or not

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That is a rough query. - If your a feminine and your husband is the one one running, you appear to seem down on your self for now not contributing to the fees or some thing. But whilst..... Wow - i particularly are not able to reply this query. The handiest manner i would reply this query is that if i used to be a unmarried mother or father.... however thats now not what you're asking----- I bet all of it relies on your upbringing whilst you had been a youngster, if a ladies mom advised her to marry a victorious guy so she did not ought to paintings... then i assume she could fear extra approximately her marriage. But being a man...... I'm now not definite - If i had a task that used to be very well paying and a spouse that attempted the whole thing to aid out with monetary occasions, i assume i could respect her extra for making an attempt to behave like she had to aid out. If i used to be a girl i could attempt to make it on my possess - Just readily considering the fact that i believe it is a lovely factor ( an unbiased girl ).. she is aware of what she desires/demands out of existence... she has her ideas/objectives and dosen't rely on someone for some thing, hence making her a far better individual. I do not even believe i even spoke back your query... I know the way I'm feeling i simply are not able to write it down - Sorry Bye the way in which - Love your avatar image...... Just the eyes can say such a lot approximately a individual.
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Because it's nature. Women are naturally predisposed to hypergamy. And there's nothing wrong with that if they embrace it and stop muddling up the situation by competing with men instead of having nature run it's course. But if they continue to follow their natural desires, while at the same time compete with men, they will find themselves in a very narrow bandwidth of relationship choices. These choices will be more about business partnership-type "marriages" instead of love and commitment. Oh wait, that's already started, hasn't it?
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